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Ling And Victor Wedding At The Repulse Bay

前一晚仲落住大雨, 仲擔心點算好, 好彩當日全日都天陰陰無落雨, 戶外証婚順利完成 Makeup Artist: Kimmy Image Hotel: The Repulse Bay Videography: Dino W

Pre-Wedding of Cookie and Johnson

cookie與johnson是一對從澳門過來的couple, 我們當然又推介了一些木土特色的景點,就是電車了~還去了南生圍,當然不少得studio~ makeup by Karrie Yum Makeup Message

Pre-Wedding Photos – Karena and Ray – (Studio, 天星小輪, 政總)

我們拍攝的,是你們之間的交流,最不造作的笑容,我們不需要很壯麗的景色,一些地道而有歷史意義的地方,有時更值得我們去拍下來。 wedding gown: Kir Royal makeup and hair: Cherry Poon at Karrie Yum

Janet and Avery – Hong Kong Pre-Wedding

Message us 一對從澳門過來的客人,就帶他們都香港人經常拍婚照的山頂公園吧!當然還有地道feel的上環太平山街~ makeup by Karrie

Hiulam and Simon’s Wedding at The Mira

what a happy wedding day with joy and tears! as a hong kong wedding photographer, we all know how tight the schedule on the big day is,

Mel and Eddy’s Wedding at Island Shangri-la

Mel 跟Eddy是一對很玩得的新人呢。 We love shooting wedding day photo so much as we can always feel love between the couples and the people around

Carling and Bob’s Wedding at Four Season Hotel

四季酒店的長樓梯真是百影不厭呢 Makeup and Hair: Gingko Makeup Service Ceremony and Banquet – Four Season Hotel

Annie and Jason’s Wedding at Clubone

Annie and Jason is a sweet couple and we love them so much! thanks for having us as your wedding day photographer! makeup: Joan Makeup

Lorraine and Samuel’s Wedding Day Ceremony

Lorraine 跟 Samuel是一對很nice的couple, 就連他們的屋企人都很好呢,看得出是一個很親蜜的family:) Wedding Photography is not just about the bride and groom, it s also

Wien and Edwin’s Wedding at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel

又是一場很感人的婚禮呢, that is why we love doing wedding photographer, because you see different story in every wedding. 出門酒店:Renaissance Harbour

Maggie and Wesley’s Wedding Photos at W Hotel

記得當日好凍,又落雨,所以原本諗住去西九放氣球既plan都要取消,最後去左文化中心,但影出黎效果都好好!地方唔係問題,最重要係成日keep住開心! Whatever it is raining or sunny, just keep smiling, it is your