Jeff, founder of The Hour Gallery is an extremely passionate photographer who is not afraid of making daring new attempts on new styles and projects. He always yearns to present unique concepts in bringing out the personality of the subjects. He is also a light hearted, humorous and friendly photographer, capturing the genuine emotions.
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紅又係廢話時間如果唔想睇字既可以直接睇bts多謝candice 同victor 搵我玩呢輯相仲有Sharon 超超超給力只係講咗個感覺係想點就即刻做到真係令我眼界大開好多時候唔試過真係唔知自己得唔得之前成日都係度諗如果咁做究竟咁work 定唔work通常過咗一排都唔會有結果因為已經唔會再做現在學識咗係做咗先算唔識嘅咪搵下ref問人點做成功唔係偶然(當然我離成功仲好遠)通常夾呢d shooting 我都會問你想要咩感覺佢地同我講今次既係想fashion 少少其他野既就俾你發揮☺️☺️☺️我都好老實不客氣咗講我未影過呀不過我會try my best最後出黎我自己覺得好滿意呀🥺Thank for having me🥺🥺Sorry 呢輯相真係好鍾意 所以係Blog 度Post 晒所有既相 有好多都係未出過街架 Dress & Jewellery: @victorchanstudioPhotography : @thehourgalleryVideography : @manfo_luismanHair & Makeup: @by_candiicexxModel: @sharon.ying —————- www.instagram.com/thehourgaller www.thehourgallery.com https://mewe.com/p/thehourgallery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPDbJNIAIFg ...