Jeff, founder of The Hour Gallery is an extremely passionate photographer who is not afraid of making daring new attempts on new styles and projects. He always yearns to present unique concepts in bringing out the personality of the subjects. He is also a light hearted, humorous and friendly photographer, capturing the genuine emotions.
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Wedding Day of Sarah and Leslie

Sarah ่ถ…็ดš่ถ…็ดš่ถ…็ดšnice ๆ—ขไธ€ๅ€‹ๅฅณไป”๏ผˆ้žๅธธ้‡่ฆๆ‰€ไปฅ่ฆ่ฌ›3ๆฌก๏ผ‰๏ผŒSarah ็„ก่ฆ‹้Žๆˆ‘ๅœฐ๏ผŒๅชไฟ‚inbox ๅ•ๅทฆๆˆ‘ๅœฐๅนพๆฌก้‡Žๅฐฑๅฐฑconfirm ๅทฆๆˆ‘ๅœฐ๏ผŒ้žๅธธๆ„Ÿ่ฌๅฐๆˆ‘ๅœฐๆ—ข็ต•ๅฐไฟกไปปใ€‚ ้›–็„ถๆœชๆœ‰่ฆช่บซๅŽปไป‹็ดนๆˆ‘ๅœฐๆ—ข็›ธ็‰‡๏ผŒไธ้Žๆˆ‘ๅœฐไบ‹ๅ‰้ƒฝๆœ‰ๅ……่ถณๆ—ขๆบ้€š๏ผŒไบ†่งฃ่ฟ”ไฝขๆƒณ่ฆๅ’ฉๆ—ข็•ซ้ขๅŒๅŸ‹rundown ไน‹ๅพŒ๏ผŒ Capture moment ๆ—ขๅทฅไฝœๅฐฑ็•™่ฟ”ไฟพๆˆ‘ๅœฐๅ•ฆใ€‚ ๏ผˆๅพๅฅฝ็‡ๅฐ้ปŽๅ€‹้ƒจๅˆ†๏ผŒๅ› ็‚บbigday็•ถๆ—ฅๆตๅพๆตๆšขๅ…ถๅฏฆ้ปŽไธ€part ไฝ”ๅทฆๅฅฝๅคงๆฏ”้‡๏ผ‰ ๆˆ‘ๅœฐๅœ˜้šŠ็•ถๆ—ฅๆ‹ๅˆฐๅฅฝๅคšๆปฟๆ„ๆ—ข็›ธ็‰‡ใ€‚ๆˆ‘ๅœฐ้ƒฝไฟ‚็‡็›ธๅ•ฆ Makeup: Pinko C ้„ญไบฆๅฝค Hair: Jeffrey Yuen Video: Rec venue: Hyatt Regency Shatin (ๅ‡บ้–€๏ผ‰ The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong Wedding Gown: Miss Bride Wedding Shop ...