Jeff, founder of The Hour Gallery is an extremely passionate photographer who is not afraid of making daring new attempts on new styles and projects. He always yearns to present unique concepts in bringing out the personality of the subjects. He is also a light hearted, humorous and friendly photographer, capturing the genuine emotions.
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Jenny And Cyril PreWedding

客人Jenny 同Cyril來自Melbourne同埋杭州架, 佢地特登返黎香港結婚同埋想拍D 有香港味道既PRE WEDDING 相 當然難吾到我地啦 我地揀左文化中心,天星小輪同埋天馬公園 黎幾個地方都好代表到香港 好啦。。大家睇相啦:)   ...

Pre-Wedding Photos – Karena and Ray – (Studio, 天星小輪, 政總)

我們拍攝的,是你們之間的交流,最不造作的笑容,我們不需要很壯麗的景色,一些地道而有歷史意義的地方,有時更值得我們去拍下來。 wedding gown: Kir Royal makeup and hair: Cherry Poon at Karrie Yum Makeup [caption id="attachment_341" align="alignnone" width="1024"] 天星小輪 pre-wedding[/caption] [caption id="attachment_344" align="alignnone" width="1024"] 天星小輪 pre-wedding[/caption] Message us...