Jeff, founder of The Hour Gallery is an extremely passionate photographer who is not afraid of making daring new attempts on new styles and projects. He always yearns to present unique concepts in bringing out the personality of the subjects. He is also a light hearted, humorous and friendly photographer, capturing the genuine emotions.
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Lorraine and Samuel’s Wedding Day Ceremony

Lorraine ่ทŸ Samuelๆ˜ฏไธ€ๅฐๅพˆnice็š„couple, ๅฐฑ้€ฃไป–ๅ€‘็š„ๅฑ‹ไผไบบ้ƒฝๅพˆๅฅฝๅ‘ข๏ผŒ็œ‹ๅพ—ๅ‡บๆ˜ฏไธ€ๅ€‹ๅพˆ่ฆช่œœ็š„family:) Wedding Photography is not just about the bride and groom, it s also about their life, their family, their friends. Videographer: Dino W Video ...

Wien and Edwin’s Wedding at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel

ๅˆๆ˜ฏไธ€ๅ ดๅพˆๆ„Ÿไบบ็š„ๅฉš็ฆฎๅ‘ข, that is why we love doing wedding photographer, because you see different story in every wedding. ๅ‡บ้–€้…’ๅบ—๏ผšRenaissance Harbour View Hotel ่จปๅ†Š๏ผšไผฏๅคงๅฐผๆ•™ๅ ‚ Videographer: Kelvin Shot Makeup and Hair: Carmen Ng   ...

Maggie and Wesley’s Wedding Photos at W Hotel

่จ˜ๅพ—็•ถๆ—ฅๅฅฝๅ‡๏ผŒๅˆ่ฝ้›จ๏ผŒๆ‰€ไปฅๅŽŸๆœฌ่ซ—ไฝๅŽป่ฅฟไนๆ”พๆฐฃ็ƒๆ—ขplan้ƒฝ่ฆๅ–ๆถˆ๏ผŒๆœ€ๅพŒๅŽปๅทฆๆ–‡ๅŒ–ไธญๅฟƒ๏ผŒไฝ†ๅฝฑๅ‡บ้ปŽๆ•ˆๆžœ้ƒฝๅฅฝๅฅฝ๏ผๅœฐๆ–นๅ””ไฟ‚ๅ•้กŒ๏ผŒๆœ€้‡่ฆไฟ‚ๆˆๆ—ฅkeepไฝ้–‹ๅฟƒ๏ผ Whatever it is raining or sunny, just keep smiling, it is your once in a life time wedding! and we wedding photographer will capture the unique moment for you:) ๅ‡บ้–€้…’ๅบ—๏ผš W Hotel ่จปๅ†Š๏ผ†ๆ™šๅฎด๏ผš K11 Hyatt Makeup and Hair ๏ผš Joan Makeup Videographer ๏ผš Kelvin Shot ...