Jeff, founder of The Hour Gallery is an extremely passionate photographer who is not afraid of making daring new attempts on new styles and projects. He always yearns to present unique concepts in bringing out the personality of the subjects. He is also a light hearted, humorous and friendly photographer, capturing the genuine emotions.
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Sally & YY Wedding

Sally N YY 上年7 月CONFIRM 我地WEDDING DAY PACKAGE 既客人 仲記得係MEETING 既時候 佢地問我有無影過AMC 我當時答佢"無呀,我地無影過呀"  通常好多時候就會END 左個話題 不過緊接既係佢地同我講" 你現在無,好快就會有架啦,我揾你地做我地WEDDING DAY PHOTOG" 講真,個一刻真係好感動 亦都非常多謝佢地咁信任我地 多謝SALLY 同埋YY 俾左好多第一次我地 係。。遊艇我地都係第一次影 係難既,不過WE MADE IT 感恩遇上欣賞我地既客人 再次多謝你地 SALLY N YY 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ make up and hairdo by: Iris C styling   ...